Thursday, August 14, 2014

Toward a Cosmic Theology from a Christian Perspective (1)

Cosmic Theology from a general Christian perspective: Would you baptize an extraterrestrial or is this excessive religious and/or anthropocentric hubris? I understand that Fr. Consolmagno _ Vatican astronomer – opines that there’s a good chance for there to be intelligent life in other planets and if it also is capable of self-reflection, free will and of a free will relationship with God it would make sense in some situations for the Catholic Church to consent in baptizing such an ET being.  If we can love and befriend an ET we would also be able to speak about  being members along with this ET in God’s family.

Consolmagno responds that he would indeed baptize an ET if the ET requested to be baptized because this would give us a sense that what we have to offer also is of value to the Universe. Love is inclusive.

I think that the notion that if divine incarnation (through Jesus) only took place on Earth for human salvation  but not in other worlds we would have a especial situation among the created worlds and that situation stemming from Love would have to be extended by including other beings.

I think we need to extend and deepen these concepts to actualize the discourse under more complex circumstances without necessarily destroying some concepts in their essence. I think that in certain aspects here on Earth we might have a special role in the Cosmos (a reason for which there is a great interest and expectation in relation to Earth humans from both benevolent and manipulative extraterrestrials that would be visiting us). However, in spite of this special role, and in spite of different external forms and histories, we are essentially one  people in one cosmos. Thus  we must try not to fall in a kind of “religious anthropocentrism” in lieu of the living essence of life we share with other beings, an essence sustained by God.

Jesus Christ’s (Jesus the Christ) intervention on Earth may extend to other civilizations as one great cosmic family under one home: The Cosmos/ Multiverse/ Universe of Universes. However, this could be not because there weren’t other such interventions in other worlds, but because every such intervention may be connected in the cosmos under divine unity. The LOGOS or Divine Cosmic Intelligence may have intervened under other “Jesuses” if other intelligent civilizations suffered an estrangement from their relationship with God  and each distinct intervention would be connected in unity in God’s Cosmic Intelligence. They would be equivalent under the same spirit: The LOGOS. To be determined is how much of the cosmos suffered an estrangement from God.

Besides a conventional conservative scientific stance, there is very serious evidence accumulating that we are indeed being visited by other intelligences from the cosmos, apparently semi surreptitiously, with advanced technologies and different interests and intentions. Please carefully study the enormous amount of available evidence about this. Contactees, experiencers, The Disclosure Project whistleblowers, worldwide sightings of metallic looking vehicles displaying seemingly impossible maneuvers under classical parameters, the Cometa Report, France’s Aeronautical & Astronomical Association report. Try the website UFO and consider Father Corrado Balducci’s admonition that we should not dismiss the great number of human witnesses to a possible extraterrestrial presence.  This study beyond conventional, conservative play-it-safe pseudo-science (rather than genuine science) is necessary to guide and orient the human family on Earth in a responsible manner if factual and theological opinions are being emitted!

Now in relation with extraterrestrial varieties; let’s think under more complex and inclusive concepts. Based on declarations and conclusions of various serious researchers (even if they are still divided into different emphases or “camps”) including physical contactees and abductees, there’s a pattern showing  that the visitations of ET beings is occurs under more sophisticated but nonetheless still benevolent and malevolent/manipulative reasons. However, this “good & evil” scenario should be understood under a more advanced integrative approach of reconciling opposites under a higher understanding.  This doesn’t mean that we should emphasize fear or implicitly trust all ET presence as some researchers and some contactees occasionally present. We should grow up and acquire a more evolved metaphysical understanding.

The patterns of interaction show that some ET varieties seem to respect us more as a species and may be acting as protectors (even if they are also observing and learning from our capacities) and some seem others seem to want to forcefully get from us capacities or human aspects which they lack (like a wide range of emotions including empathy, compassion?).

Both broad varieties of ETs seem to care about our capacities or even our unrecognized human potentials which may be more complete than theirs in spite of their different degrees of technological advancement. Also, several of the ET lineages within these overall categories seem to have invested genetically into our biological, psychic and spiritual development and perhaps the “time of harvest” is at hand.. This doesn’t need to detract from God being the true Creator of Man’s original “blueprint” and even that of the “Elohim” varieties that intervened evolving Man on Earth. This does not detract from God  giving us a chance through redemption to one day manifest our highest potentials in relation with Him as these potentials could have been spiritually instilled in us even beyond the complex genetic seeding referred to.

By reading the best works on abduction and contactee research we get the impression that some ET varieties seem to act in their favor more aggressively if we give them a subconscious permission to do so while others also respect our conscious permission and gradually prepare us for contacts. Contacts with both general groups might lit up spiritual and metaphysical interests in the human spirit as we get to see glimpses of a reality that surpasses our conventional world.
I think that even if both general ET groups may be more advanced than us in some ways and do overcome the light speed barrier by manipulating space-time through information, consciousness and other means, we cannot logically infer that both are benevolent. We can infer that the rules of engagement are not simplistic, that there may be a balance of power among them and that our response need not be in simplistic terms of “friends vs enemies.”

The world of Non Duality doesn’t necessarily start in a realm beyond the speed of light. There still are realms of duality beyond that speed limit.  Nonetheless, as Dr. Steven Greer hopes let’s not respond with typical human xenophobia or in a traditional conflict-ridden mode. We must grow up. Even so, the Love and inclusion we have to share should also be discerning and providing for the respect we essentially deserve.

We might even be healing and transmuting for the ET varieties which renegade from the positive path of kindness and manipulate us because we subconsciously give them permission by subconsciously thinking we are somehow less than them. Moreover, I really think we should attempt to approach, relate, befriend and welcome specially those ET varieties that while attempting to learn from humanity respect us in spite of our failures. Perhaps their technology is based more on peaceful unity consciousness transcending information and logic and in some cases may be superior to most of the abducting ETs.  If we do not recognize what is of essential spiritual priority we may fall into an unending cycle of dependency on external forms of power and unsuspectingly or willingly play into the hands of the less respectful ETs.